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User Authentication

This page helps you to understand 'User Authentication'.

It's part of the 'Admin' getting-started series.

Resetting Passwords

This section of the guide describes how to reset your password.

From time to time occasions may arise where it's necessary to change or reset your login password.

The following guide describes the steps involved in this process.

The password reset button is located on the main login screen.

Select the 'Reset Password' link.

Selecting this button will take you to a new page.

You'll be asked to provide an email address to which the password reset link will be sent.

Enter your email address and select 'Submit'.

You'll receive an email with a link to the password reset page.


In order to receive the password reset email you must provide the email address associated with your KNAPS account.

If you're logged out of your account and do not remember which email address to use, contact your store manager or KNAPS support for guidance.

Similarly, if you have any further trouble with this process, i.e. you do not receive an email or have trouble opening the reset link etc, please contact KNAPS support.

Select the link on the email you recieve.

This page will load.

Enter your new password in the fields provided and select 'Submit'.

Your password will now be reset, proceed to the main login page.

Reseting Pin Codes

This section of the guide describes how to reset your pin code.

KNAPS requires all uses set themselves a pin code in order to navigate certain areas of the system.

Pin codes are also used to confirm the correct user is logged in when performing certain tasks such as making sales etc.

It's important to keep your pin code secret and is a good idea to change it from time to time.

The following guide describes the steps involved in resetting or changing your pin code.

In the main menu, go to the Store Maitenance section.

Select 'Admin' > 'Staff.

A list of all staff members will appear, use the 'Query' field to find your profile and select the 'Edit' button to open a staff.

The pin code field is located in the 'Staff Details' section.

Simply enter your desired pin code.

Select 'Save'.

For security reasons, the pin code field will always appear blank when you open your profile.

You'll always be asked to enter a pin code when saving the page no matter what other changes you make.


This functionality is restricted to store managers/owners only.

You may need to contact your store manager and ask for their assistance with changing your pin code.

Understanding Staff ID Pop-ups

Using Staff ID Pop-ups

This section of the guide describes how to use the staff ID pop-up.

When making a new sale, KNAPS will ask for your staff ID.

This feature was introduced in KNAPS version 2.05 to replace the pin-code system for the sales section.

Please note that the staff ID pop-up is purely to identify the salesperson and is not used for security purposes.

When making a new sale:

In the main menu, go to the Point Of Sale section.

Select 'Sales' > 'New Sale.

Enter your staff ID.

Then select 'Enter' on your keyboard or select 'Select Staff'.

You'll notice that when you enter your ID it'll display your name.

Be sure before selecting 'Enter' on the keyboard or selecting 'Select Staff' that the name displayed is yours.

Managing Staff IDs

This section of the guide describes how to manage staff IDs.

In the main menu, go to the Store Maitenance section.

Select 'Admin' > 'Staff.

Here you'll be able to see staff ID's under the 'Staff ID' column.

To edit the staff's ID, select the 'Pencil' icon under the 'Actions' column.

Under the 'Staff ID (case sensitive)' field, enter the new staff ID.

The staff ID can contain letters and numbers.

Also, you'll need to re-enter the staff pin-code.

Then select 'Save'.


Please be aware that the admin section requires store managers/store owners permissions to view.

If you require any changes to your staff ID please contact the appropriate person.


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