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Making Stocktakes

This page helps you to understand 'Making Stocktakes'.

It's part of the 'Stock' getting-started series.

Running Stocktake Reports

This section of the guide describes how to view a stocktake report.

In the main menu, go to the Reports section.

Select 'Stock' > 'Stocktake'.

This will take you to the stock report page where you'll have different filter options available.

You'll be able to adjust the stocktake report by modifying these filters based on your stocktake process e.g. by category, brand, core group, etc.

For this example we'll print out a stock report for all stock that we have on hand.

After selecting the filters you would like the report to print out, select the 'Print' button.

You should now see a report like this which you can print out and use to count stock.

You can also use the 'Floor Count' and 'Store Count' columns to write down the total counted quantities.

Starting New Stocktakes

This section of the guide describes how to start a stocktake.

In the next part of this guide we'll learn how to:

  • Create a stocktake.
  • Reconcile counted stock.

In the main menu, go to the Stock Management section.

Select 'Stocktake' > 'New'.

Select the stock location.

Use the default 'store' unless you're doing a stocktake for a warehouse.

Select the stock type from the drop down menu.

If you wish you can also add a comment for this stocktake.

This comments field is optional.

To include faulty items to the stocktake make sure that the faulty box is ticked.

After selecting the stock type, you can either scan or manually enter the product code to select the product you want to count.

In the 'Quantity' field enter the counted stock amount.

Then select 'Apply'.

Once you have selected 'Apply', it'll add the line to the stocktake.

Here, you'll see the 'Expected' amount.

The 'Counted' amount, you can adjust with the '-' and '+' buttons.

The 'Diff' amount is the difference between the expected amount and the counted amount.

In our example above you'll see that we were expecting to have 2 in stock but only counted 1.

Reconciling Counted Stock

This section of the guide describes how to reconcile counted stock.

To fix the stock count for any extra stock item we can select which stock line we wish to remove.

In the 'Details' column, select the red thumbs-down button.

Select the stock lines you wish to remove then 'OK'.

Once you have finished the stocktake, select the 'Complete' button.

Viewing Variance Reports

This section of the guide describes how to view variance reports.

After you have completed the stocktake you'll be able to print out a variance report.

Select the 'Print Variance Report' button located on the bottom left-hand side of the screen.

The printout will look like this.

Notice the variance column in the report.