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How To Configure General Store Settings

This page helps you to 'Configure General Store Settings'.

It's part of the 'Admin/Store Settings' how-to series.

In the main menu, go to the Store Maintenance section.

Select 'Admin' > 'Settings'.

Select the 'General' tab.

The General section appears.

The following is a description of each input box.

GST Rate (%)

The tax rate you levy on your store's transactions.

User Access Timeout

KNAPS protects some screens with a credentials pop-up.

The pop-up appears after a certain amount of idle time.

Use this field to set the idle time length in minutes.

The minimum is five minutes.

The credentials pop-up looks like this:

Uplift Percentage

You can add an uplifted amount to the true net price.

Enter a percentage value.

The uplifted amount is displayed on 'non-store manager' pages.

The uplift functionality effects prices on:

  • Invoice
  • Net
  • Actual stock invoice

It displays on:

  • Pricelookup
  • Sales screen
  • Reports

See this how-to in the Pricing docs for a step-by-step example.

Time Zone

KNAPS displays dates and times according to your location and timezone.

OTB Warning Limit (excl.)

KNAPS can display a warning when the OTB limit is reached.

Enter a currency value.

Store Settings