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How To Set The Quick Sale Customer

This page helps you to 'Set The Quick Sale Customer'.

It's part of the 'Sales/Customer Accounts' how-to series.


Search for and open a customer account

Select the 'Settings' icon button.

Select 'Use for Quick-Sale' from the menu.

Your customer is now set as the quick sale customer.


There's only one quick-sale customer per store.

To confirm the quick-sale customer is set:

  1. In the main menu, go to the Point Of Sale section.

  2. Select 'Customer Accounts'.

The search page appears.

  1. Locate or search for your customer.

  2. Notice the 'Q/S' label next to the customer's name.

To create a quick-sale, select the 'Quick-Sale' button on the 'Sales Screen'.

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