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KNAPS is a collection of powerful stock management, sales and store management tools used to organise your business.

  • Get productive quickly with these KNAPS HELP videos, tutorials, and resources
  • Explore the latest tips to get the most out of this product
  • Learn more about features and personalise your store settings

Initial Setup

First Steps: Use the initial setup tutorial for first time set-ups.

Setup tutorial

Get Started

Tutorials: A hands-on introduction to KNAPS for stores and users.

How-to Guides

Step-by-step guides: Covers key tasks, processes and common problems.


Technical reference: Covers lists, calculations, glossary, videos and resources.

Store Training Videos

Videos: Store training videos give you another way to learn and get started.

Watch videos

Reporting A Problem

Reporting By Support Ticket

You can raise support tickets at our help desk portal.

The same link can be found via any KNAPS page.

Select the 'Support' link.

Raise a ticket

Reporting By Email

You can contact our support team by email at:

Email us at

Reporting By Phone

We have a dedicated KNAPS support line.

Call us on +61 2 8004 9008


Please note that phone support should be used for urgent matters or emergencies

Giving Feedback

Send feedback and suggestions by:

Send feedback

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