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Gift Cards

This is the 'Gift Cards' discussions page.

It's part of the 'Products' discussions series.

Auto Generated Gift Card Codes

Codes are auto generated using the customer code of the customer that purchased the gift card.


Where XX is the number of cards they have purchased at the store.

E.g. QHOF-30-13

If ever they purchase more than 99 cards, it will become a 3 digit number at the end.

In the event a code is generated for a card that isn't attached to an invoice, a long UUID code is used instead.

Gift Card Expiry Dates

The default and minimum expiry date is 3 years. 1

A minimum of three years is derived from the ACCC government website.

When a new gift card is created via a sale invoice (selling and invoicing a gift card) the expiry date is set to the date of invoice plus 3 years.

If a gift card is created manually, a temporary expiry date is set to 3 years from date of creation. If it's then sold, the expiry date is changed to 3 years from the date of invoice.

A gift card expiry can be increased more than 3 years, which re-calculates the expiry date based on the invoice date (or creation date if it wasn't invoiced).