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How To Refund Sale Payments Made via Gift Cards

This page helps you to 'Refund Sale Payments Made via Gift Cards'.

It's part of the 'Products/Managing Gift Cards' how-to series.

Refunding Sale Payments Made via Gift Cards

There are two options to find the payment you want to refund:

(1) If you know the gift card number:

  • Search for the gift card.
  • In the search results, select the gift card.
  • Notice the 'Gift Card Transactions' table updates.
  • Locate the transaction you want to refund.
  • Locate the 'Sale' column and notice the sale number.
  • Select the sale number to open the sale.

(2) If you know the sale number:

Your sale is now open.

Select the 'Payments' button.

The 'Payments' modal appears.

Select the 'Make Refund' button.

Locate the gift card payment.

Enter the refund amount.

Select the 'Pay' button.

Your gift card usage is refunded.


Now you can view the gift card balance on the gift card screen.

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