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Viewing Promotions

This page helps you to understand 'Viewing Promotions'.

It's part of the 'Intranet' getting-started series.

Searching Promotions

In the main menu, go to the Intranet section.

Select 'Promotions'.

The 'Promotions' screen appears.

Locate the 'KNAPS Promotions Search' section.

Notice the search filters.

You can filter by:

  • Query 1
  • Filter active 2
  • Sort By 2
  • Ascending

Select the 'Search' button.

Notice the table of results updates.

Your search is complete.


There are tabs at the top of the results table.

Use the tabs to find your type of promotion.

Viewing Promotions

Promotions Screen

Search for a promotion.

Locate the promotion in the list.

Select the 'View' icon button.

The promotion appears.

Your promotion is viewed successfully.

Pricelookup Screen

There are two places in Pricelookup that show 'Promo' details.

The first is the search results.

Look for the 'Promos' column.

The second is the 'Product Details' tab.

Look for the 'Promotions' section at the bottom left.

  1. Search by the title, distributor or content. 

  2. Filter by all, active or inactive. 

  3. Sort by created date, start date or end date.