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How To Use The Delivery Manifest Report

This page helps you to 'The Delivery Manifest Report'.

It's part of the 'Reports/Sales' how-to series.

Setting A Delivery Date

Create a sale and add a sale line.

Locate the sale line.

Select the 'Delivery Manifest' button.

The 'Edit Delivery Details' pop-up appears.

Enter a delivery date.

Enter a comment.

Select the 'Save' button.


It is possible to edit the delivery details.

Repeat the steps above to display the pop-up.

Delivery Manifest reports can now include your sale line.

Next you can view your delivery details in a 'Delivery Manifest' report.

Viewing The Delivery Manifest Report

In the main menu, go to the Reports section.

Select 'Sales' > 'Delivery Manifest'.

Enter a 'Delivery Date'.

Enter a customer.

Select one of the print buttons.

There are three options:

  • Print via the browser

  • Export to CSV

  • Search (displays to screen)

This is what a browser print looks like:

Your report is displayed successfully.